How to Get the Perfect 4G WIFI Signal Jammer for Yourself ?

With the advent of mobile 4G signal times, people are enjoying much more convenient network experience, however in the meanwhile, they also find themselves trapped in the noises, disregard, and even privacy/safety concerns (being tracked by someone else secretly). Therefore, owning a 4G WIFI signal jammer is very necessary or even becomes a top priority for many of us.

For example, when you need to cut off the signals of mobile phone 4G, WIFI and Bluetooth at the same time in order to gain a much more peaceful sleep environment, an orderly classroom or to make your children more obedient and concentrate more on homework, you will find a Portable Bluetooth WiFi 3G 4G Mobile Phone Jammer very helpful. Also with the selectable setting, you can also decide to block only one/two of the above signals without influencing on other signals. Its jamming radius is up to 20 meters depending on the strength of signal in given area. A car charger is also included so as that you will be able to use it conveniently & directly in a car.

Or you demand for a wider jamming radius ? Then this Desktop 6 Antennas 2G 3G 4G WiFi/GPS Jammer will be perpect for you. Besides that it can achieve the same goal in blocking all the 2G 3G 4G and WIFI/Bluetooth signals, its jamming radius is up to 40 Meters with a high output power of 15W. It can also be used in a car directly with the car charger. Moreover, it’s designed high quality cooling system with cooling fan inside, so you don’t need to worry about high temperature when working continuously and it can always stay in good working condition.

FYI, other useful jammers such as GPS jammer, remote control jammer, VHF/UHF jammer and so on are also available in our store JammerSSL with absolutely reasonable prices.

At last, just take your time and choose the suitable jammer for yourself!

Use WiFi Jammers to Maintain Your Privacy and Avoid Unauthorized Surveillance

How people used to live without the Internet? Have you ever thought about that? We are lucky as we have access to the Internet and thanks to WiFi we may have access to the Internet almost everywhere and any time. We may go to cafe, connect to WiFi and then search the Internet, send messages or emails and exchange photos or other information with friends.

But, you should realize that connection to WiFi in public place may lead to information leakage. When you exchange files, someone may connect your mobile phone and steal all your files. It is very unpleasant situation. However, you can avoid such situations with the help of WiFi jammer. Maintain your privacy rights and avoid unauthorized surveillance by utilizing jammer is the best choice.

WiFi jammer to maintain your privacy rights
WiFi signal jammer is a powerful jamming device. It works on the same radio frequencies as WiFi gadgets. There are two most famous WiFi frequencies – 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz. The WiFi jammer intends to cut off WiFi frequencies. You can apply it in meeting rooms, cars, universities, schools, etc. It should be noted that with the help of WiFi blocker, you can disable hidden cameras and microphones, which may be installed in your cabinet, home or in the car. Also, it should be noted, that Bluetooth also works using 2.4Ghz frequency.

There are jammers, which are suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. When you are planning to use jammer at one specific place, then you need to buy desktop jammer and people, who want to take jammer everywhere they go should buy portable jammers.